The Importance of Video for Your Internet Business

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger, Thomas Rudy.

The Social Media age that we live in has become a highly competitive market for all business types. One rule is key, prepare to socialize or prepare to fail. A lack of social presence can lead to fewer customers, and render your business less credible. An increasingly growing way to relay information to the customer is through video. This is a hard concept for some to believe, but the numbers don’t lie. In fact, forty-eight hours of video is uploaded on YouTube every minute. Consumers want their information, and they want it now. Video is the best way to share your information in a powerful concise method. People are using video for just about everything these days.

Many businesses and freelancers are wondering where and how to use video. One of the best ways to capture a consumers attention is to have a video on the home page of your site, instructing what your site is about, and how to use all the features you support. And when it comes to video, quality counts. People identify professionally produced video as the “norm” these days. Therefore, take the time and the money to produce something that is going to render some results, and traffic. By providing video, alongside descriptions of your site’s intent, you can double the likely hood you will be found in search engines.

YouTube is by far the biggest platform for streaming video. Recently they passed Yahoo, and is now the second largest search engine behind, we’ll their owners, Google. So, what does this mean. This means that you should be placing all video that you have on YouTube, as well as your website. Now this may not be the case for tutorial websites that charge a premium, but all free video should be incorporated on YouTube. YouTube also doubles as a social media tool to gain subscribers, viewers, and in the end potential customers. When you provide your website on your YouTube videos that is just another way to attract attention to your site.

For many internet businesses including a video could potentially take up to much space of the simplistic design they offer. A healthy alternative to this is a blog, or better yet a vlog. A vlog, or video blog, is the best way to create an intimacy and trust value. Seeing a professional speak on various subjects, and then relating to that person through memory will keep consumers coming back. Just like the way Facebook put a real person behind a profile (through an .edu email at the time) and ousting MySpace, vlogs put a face on a story along with a sense of realness. Vlogs are the best way to gain credibility, and gain a personal following.

Video still has more enticing attributes. The internet grows every second, which leaves your website harder to find. Popular videos, are always going to show up on the search engines. With proper indexation of videos, you can guarantee that you will pop up for corresponding keywords. The use of HTML 5 and site maps for use of Flash will do the job. If your videos are interesting, and have some great thoughts to share, consider providing an embedded source for your video, with a link to your website. When people latch on to your videos, you are essentially getting premium link building services that are naturally performed. This can hold a lot of weight for your sites SEO, and page rank. The best part is it’s free, and is the most natural way to get better link juice; kind of like infographics, but better.

You may already have a very successful internet business. However, in this day and age, things move fast, so don’t ignore the power of video. Video helps us connect more with our viewers, helps us build credibility, and is a great way to outrank the competition. Stats from comScore showed that 178 million users viewed video in the U.S alone. That’s almost half the country. Don’t miss out on this massive amount of viewers, or your business could suffer. Video is the next big thing, just watch.