How To Get Ahead on your Editorial Calendar

Don’t you love it when people talk about their editorial calendar like it’s a real thing? Like I think I have time to post something on that subject. I’ll have to check for when is a good time on my editorial calendar.

And then there are normal people who are struggling to come up with content on a daily basis. Calendar? How about I got time right now.

Well I was definitely the latter at one point. I had a hard time visualizing the day when I would have so many ideas that they would have to be prioritized and layed out on a calendar. But that day came in August, when I started blogging every day.

I had too many ideas and I needed to put them somewhere so I wouldn’t forget and could stay focused on getting then published. And then I dusted off the Editorial Calendar plugin I had downloaded as a joke awhile back. Hmm… this is useful…

Even if you don’t have your posts written days ahead of time like we all would like, it still helps to have an idea waiting to be written about when you log in to your blog. Get a paper calendar or download the plugin for your platform, then use these tips to fill up those days with drafts of ideas:

Keep a list of blog post ideas at a minimum of 15 headlines

Woah. 15? I can’t even come up with 3! Well, there really is no excuse for that since I just gave you 353+ items to inspire some blog post ideas, so start reading and prepare to let the ideas flow. Write down anything that comes to mind and go back later to find the good ones. You’ll want to be able to keep a list anywhere you go so that when a new idea comes to you, you don’t lose it. If you don’t want to carry around pen and paper (Pictured above is my actual paper editorial calendar) I suggest you download Evernote on your smartphone. Great backup for when you want to make some notes to remember something.

Add drafts of the good blog post ideas to your Editorial Calendar and outline them

Once you have your list of 15, sit down with your calendar and pop in the headlines on the days you’d like to publish them. I also suggest that you outline the post so that when you go to actually write it, you will have a guide to keep you on track and help you get it done much quicker… cause it’s okay to write a post the day you publish it. We’re not judging you.

Sit down to blog consistently; time, atmosphere, attitude

If you want to create a new habit of blogging more frequently, you have to be consistent. The only way I’ve been able to blog daily is because I wake up every morning and focus on getting my blog published first. I’m not getting distracted by everything else. I just get it done and I can move on with the rest of the day. I blog at the same time, at the same desk, with the same bed head every morning. When you figure out the situation the works best for your writing, never pass it up. Get ahead, even!

Look ahead for important dates

Note holidays for fun posts and days off. Or check your industry/niche calendar to see if there’s something going on that you might want to mention and add it as a draft for that day. This is a great way to show how timely and up to date your posts are. See! writing at the last possible moment can actually be a good thing!

How can the Editorial Calendar help you?