How To Vlog

Today is Wednesday and that’s the day when my weekly vlog series, @Schmittastic Social Media Tips, is posted on the blog for I thought I would do a checklist of things for you that I do when I get ready to vlog for one of these episodes.

How to vlog:


  • Research news and social media information
  • Decide on a topic, relevant and implementable
  • Outline important subtopics on a sticky note
  • Go get pretty
  • Set up camera on tripod
  • Take test shots of self to make sure I’m in the center of the frame
  • Wait for the traffic to get quieter outside
  • Start smiling so I’m in the habit for the rest of the video


  • Start filming with opening lines (Welcome to another episode…) also on a sticky posted on tripod
  • Continue filming by rolling into topic of the week
  • Pause for any necessary jump cuts (usually only for list posts)
  • Make sure every subtopic outlined is covered
  • Finish recording with outro lines (see you next time, you can find me on…)
  • For more details on my personality and connection through filming, click here


  • Remove files from memory card to computer
  • Edit with Cyberlink Powerdirector
  • Produce and Upload to YouTube in Private mode
  • Watch video on YouTube to make sure it uploaded correctly
  • Add description and tag words for search optimization
  • Publicize video and rearrange YouTube Channel so the video is first in the queue


  • Embed video in a blog post
  • Add description and tag words to post for search engine optimization
  • Save as Pending Approval
  • Wait for the boss man to approve and market through social media
  • Market to audience on my own social media outlets

And that’s pretty much it. These are the steps I go through once a week on the Tweetfind blog (my videos on this website are M.I.A. for some reason… *guilty face*). I’m usually able to film the whole thing in one take which makes the whole process take about 1.5 hour. If I’m having a bad filming day (we ALL do) it might take 2 hours.

See? It’s not that hard! Why aren’t YOU video blogging yet?