Giving Your Email Subscribers Options

You know what I hate?

I hate it when I’m not given a choice. I hate it when someone makes a decision for me. My mom did that for 18 years of my life. I think I can handle the decisions from here on out, thank you very much.

And when it comes to e-mail subcriptions, I hate feeling like I’m being told what’s good for me everytime I get a newsletter I didn’t sign up for. Oh no. I didn’t forget that I signed up for it. I really didn’t sign up for it.

Do me a favor, will ya? If you want people to actually like and engage with your business, don’t sign them up for something they didn’t ask for. Importing your personal contacts and people you met briefly at a networking event (no, not even them) to your newsletter list is not respecting their privacy, and definitely not going to win them over. You’re just going to leave a bad taste in their mouths about your brand. And why would you want that?

You know what I love, though?

Checking my Aweber account to see that I have an average open rate of 58% and an average click-through rate of 20%. It’s not often that you hear numbers like that, but I can tell you I have rightfully earned them because my subscribers made the decision to join the Savvy Sexy Social newsletter. So I know I’m communicating with people who want to hear from me. That’s awesome stuff right there.

But there is one thing that I regret not offering in the beginning that I have actually changed starting this week.

As my subscribers know, I like to stay in contact with them frequently. I usually send a quick note to their inbox every morning with my tips and blog posts for the day. But I started to see some unsubscribes from people who wanted to hear from me, but in different preferred frequencies.

So I’ve officially created that option.

From now on, when you subscribe to the Savvy Sexy Social newsletter, you can choose from a drop-down menu of how often you would like to hear from me. For those of you who are already a current subscriber, you can resubmit the form for a different frequency and you will automatically be removed from the previous list.

So whether you’re interested in receiving an e-mail from me once a day, once a week, or only when there’s something extra special up for grabs, you get to decide. No questions asked.

Sometimes you have to make changes in order to keep people happy in your community. As long as you make those changes for the better of your website and not in reaction to troll pressure, then you’re only going to grow your presence faster and stronger.

Are you giving your community options?

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