The #1 Thing Your Blog Must Have Before Welcoming Visitors

You’ve got your theme lookin’ real nice. You wrote up some good content to get your archives started. You even added your social buttons in the side bar. But you’re missing just one, very important thing before you can open the gates to your brand-spankin’-new blog.

The E-mail Subscription Form

When you have a readership of loyal advocates who keep your page views high, retweets flowing, and comment trolls in check, writing a blog can be an amazing experience. But you can’t just depend on everyone to remember to visit your site everyday. You have to take action to stay in front of your readers’ minds.

By offering a subscription service, you will multiply your daily site visits because people who want to know about new stuff on your site are opting in to be notified directly, and WILL click through! They won’t get a chance to forget because next thing they know, there’s a nice note in their inbox about the new information your site just published and so they pop over to see what they can learn from you today.

But Amy! I already started my blog months ago! Is it too late for me?? No. It’s not. But you definitely need to get on it ASAP, because I’m sure you’re already noticing how hard it is to have a successful blog. You see, during the time that you were cranking out good stuff, you weren’t giving your future advocates a place to join your community and with that you are losing out on traffic and possible monetization! 

Not seeing the correlation between e-mail and loyalty? Take a look at your own inbox. What websites have you subscribed to and why? Retailers. Bloggers. News sources. Membership notifications. Whatever you see… do you know what they all have in common?


Something about all those websites made you want to stay connected. Whether it was great information, exclusive offers, news, tips… Whatever it was, you knew the site might offer it and you wanted to be around when they did.

When you decide to give your e-mail address to a website in return for that information, you’re displaying trust in them.

Do your readers trust you?

I hope you’re here because you trust me and feel free to subscribe to my e-mail updates. Stay tuned as we continue Opt-In Week with who you should be trusting with the greatest advocates you’ll ever have: your e-mail subscribers.