Using Photos for an Attention-Getting Facebook Page

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger, Katherine Salt of MarketingMy.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. What are your images on Facebook saying about you? Focused on winning fans, many businesses forget to optimize the limited space available to them. The space for images provides opportunities to communicate with fans about your business and show some personality.

Profile image

You have 540 x 180 pixels to fill with your image, make the most of this space by not just sticking up your logo. YAWN!

Use the space to:

  • Add Contact Details
  • Promote A Competition
  • Show Images Of Your Product
  • Feature A Fan Of The Month

Thumbnail images

This is the tiny image you see next to all your posts. For many people this will be the only visual representation they see of your business after they have clicked the like button. This image will show up every time your update hits their newsfeed. Make it clear and recognizable so your fans will know where the update on their feed is coming from. Building familiarity will help improve your engagement with them.

Photo strip images

These five small images at the top of your wall are randomly shuffled but you can still use them to show off what you do. You can use these 5 spaces to advertise products or showcase events. Your images will need to be sized to ensure they fit in the photostrip but still show at a larger size when it is clicked on. Unfortunately you can’t link the images to a specific web address but you can add links into the description box when you upload them.

Photo Albums

Photo albums aren’t just for family snap shots. They have a lot of potential for businesses, too. If you sell products you can use the photo albums to give previews of new arrivals. If you have a service business you can take photos of your employees that your customers will deal with and add a short biography of them to the description. Whenever you have an event for your business don’t forget to take some pictures to upload. Take any opportunity that you can give to fans a visual link to what you business does and the type of company it is. These images will break down the barriers and help open up communication with your fans.

It can be easy to hide behind words, corporate speak and formal language but photos will help reveal your business to your fans and in turn, given the chance, your fans will start to reveal themselves to you.