The Right Setting to Write

I totally understand what it’s like to sit in from of an overwhelming blank page.

Knowing you should be blogging and thinking you have a topic but the words aren’t writing themselves as predicted.

So I thought I’d give you a couple ideas for set yourself up for a more productive writing session.

Make an outline. Anytime I sit down at the computer with only a headline in my mind, my posts take 3 times as long as they would had I made an outline to follow as I write. Even if they are notes scribbled down, it will still help your flow.

Music or no music? You know whether music helps or hinders your productivity. So don’t have it on if it’s holding you back from staying focused… or maybe just stick to the low key tunes instead of the club hopping jams.

Try writing in another program that’s not as distracting as a web browser can be. I have so many flashing lights and notifications that steal my attention when I write on WordPress or Aweber. Write somewhere else, then format and edit on the website later.

Don’t squeeze it in. Schedule time to write. If you try to get a quality post done between getting ready for a meeting and going to the meeting, you won’t be helping anyone.

What helps you write?