10 More Social Tools I Can’t Live Without

As promised in Round One of 10 Social Tools I Can’t Live Without, here are 10 more I thought you might enjoy.

1. Tweetchat One of the more engaging avenues of Twitter is participating in a chat. Although usually a great experience sharing your opinions on a topic and making new connections with other Twitter users, there are some pesky housekeeping issues that go along with it. First, you have to make sure the hashtag of the chat is at the end of every one of your tweets. Next, if you are participating in widely known chats (such as #blogchat) it can be hard to keep up with all the traffic flowing in. Tweetchat takes care of both of those issues by giving you a stand-alone platform that automatically adds the hashtag to your tweets and gives you the option of how fast you want the stream to update. I just can’t chat without it!

2.Lanyrd This site has been so great for keeping me updated on the events that my fellow tweeters are either speaking at or attending. Best way to stay on top of your social game is knowing when and where the important events are.

3. FriendorFollow If you want to find out who’s not following you back, hit up FriendorFollow. You don’t even have to register. Nice for cleaning up a business’ Follower/Following ratio, but don’t get too carried away! Too much unfollowing and you might send a red flag at the Twitter gods.

4. Tweet Old Post; WordPress plugin I absolutely love this plugin because I frequently forget to continue sharing my blog posts the days after I wrote it. I’m too busy sharing my new ones. So Tweet Old post is set up to tweet articles that are only a few days old (or however old you set it) for a few days after they’ve been published. Best way to get more people to your content!

5. My video camera Where would I be without you, Canon? If not for this fabulous electronic, I wouldn’t be able to make deeper online connections through vlogging. The power of video is astounding and if you aren’t dabbling in video with your social media presence, you are really missing out!

6. Editorial Calendar; WordPress Plugin This calendar keeps me on track so that I always have good content rolling out on Triple S. Whenever I have a post idea, I just throw it on the editorial calendar. Then it’s ready for me whenever I want to write it and by putting it on a calendar it’s also giving me a little deadline to stick to.

7. Tweetdeck As much as I love #newtwitter – and I really do love it – I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the great tweets throughout the day without Tweetdeck. Columns, lists, searches, mentions… I get everything at one glance and a friendly pop up and chirp for the important stuff.

8. Thinking Space; Android application There are many different brands of this kind of app, but Thinking Space is basically a mind-mapping application which allows me to keep track of my ideas and thoughts on my own little diagram. I mostly use this for blog post ideas that come to me when I’m on-the-go. Very useful for forgetful people like me!

9. 43things This is a fantastic site that I have been using for years. If you want a place to post your goals and share them with a community so that they can cheer you on, 43 Things is the best. You might even find you have a goal in common with other users and you can use this platform to discuss it. I just think it’s a great idea to keep your goals in written form for you to look at every day. Great reminder to stay positive and productive.

10. Keepvid This website makes it really easy to download your own file of any video that has been uploaded online. Maybe you want to run a contest online where you ask people to submit a video? You can use this website to download a copy of that video on your computer and reuse it for whatever you want! (Just a reminder that whatever you upload online becomes the world’s property… a little scary but still cool for some things.)

What are your MUST-have social tools?