10 Social Tools I Can’t Live Without

There are certain tools around the internet that have made me a better social media manager for my clients. When people ask me what I use for stuff, it’s really funny to see their reaction, like I hold the key to a vault of all the most amazing information in social media. Well I guess I do, but everyone has a copy of this key. It’s called Google. Anytime you think what you’re doing online can be done more efficiently, you’re probably right. Here are 10 tools that you won’t have to do a search for and probably won’t be able to live without either:

1. Hootsuite If you don’t know about this website, then you haven’t been reading my blog. I recommend Hootsuite to all my of readers and clients because of the scheduling feature (you can prepare Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. updates to go out whatever day and time you want) and Twitter search columns to help find opportunities to engage. I also have it on my phone so if there are any social emergencies, I am always within reach. This is definitely numero uno on my list of tools.

2. Feedly I would not be as informed and on top of my game as I am without my Feedly account to organize all my RSS subscriptions. You see, I want to keep up on SO much information that it would be total overhaul for me to e-mail subscribe to absolutely everything. (Plus, my clients’ emails would get lost in the land of newsletters.) So subscribing via RSS to industry experts, news, media, and any blogger I think might have something good to say makes relaying the information to my community SO much easier. On a daily basis, I probably flip through 1000 blog posts. SO glad they are not in my Gmail. Whew!

3. StumbleUpon, Google Chrome Extension It took me awhile to make myself start sending my favorite blog posts to a social bookmarking site because I would get so excited and just link to them on Twitter and save them as a bookmark in my browser. The “Cloud” makes like so much easier! Now, with the StumbleUpon Google Chrome Extension, I just click “I like it” when I’m on the page with a post I love, and it saves to my archives of favorite blogs AND gets tweeted out to my community. Now that’s efficiency.

 4. Pocket (previously Read It Later), Google Chrome Extension Like I was saying before, my RSS reader sees 1000 blog posts a day. There is NO way I’m going to sit there and read each and every one of them. So Google Reader keeps track of all my subscriptions and then I flip through them at the beginning of the day, checking titles and first couple sentences, to see which articles I want to read later. If I find one, I open it up and hit the Pocket button in my browser. The article will then show up under my account on Read It Later, where I can find a much smaller list of blog posts that I have hand picked to read all the way through.

5. Read It Later, iPad Application As a Part 2 to #4, I like to read on my iPad much more than I do on my computer. I take in information much better because I don’t have the same issues of “Shiny Object Syndrome” with my e-mails beeping, tweets chirping, and browser tabs reminding me to do something. So when I have time to read the blog posts I have picked out for the day, I spend some time with the Read It Later iPad app and take in some fantastic information about whatever I want.

6. Evernote I am constantly thinking of ideas to share on Savvy Sexy Social. I am also the most forgetful person you will ever meet. Seriously. Short term memory was not a gift bestowed on me. So if I didn’t have Evernote, you would probably never see consistent blog posts coming from this site. Every single time I get an idea, I pull out my phone, no matter where I am, and type it into my Evernote Android Application. Another fantastic usage of the “Cloud”, Evernote is also on my computer and iPad. So anytime I want to look at the ideas I came up, I can pull them up. You’ll never forget an idea, task, or blog post topic again.

7. Manage Flitter This is a great resource for seeing your Twitter follower ratio and bulk unfollowing people who are not returning the favor. Only to be done when you have reached a point where you’re following too many people and Twitter is restricting you so you can start following more accounts again.

8. Plancast This website is DaBombDotCom for keeping up with events in your industry. I feel like I’m always in the loop because I know what conferences or networking opportunities my friends and colleagues are interested in. Very useful for continuing to build your online presence offline.

9. WiseStamp, Google Chrome Extension This is the best tool for having a kick ass e-mail signature. You know. Those boring information blocks at the bottom of your emails? Wisestamp will not only print whatever contact info you want, but you can tie in your latest Twitter update or even your latest blog post. All automatically updated whenever you open a new email. It’s magical! And everyone knows you shouldn’t just be sharing your content with your social networks… you should be sharing it with your email contacts, too.

10. Contxts Have you ever forgotten your business cards or run out of them while networking? You need to get on Contxt so you don’t have to worry about it ever again. Register with the site and next time you don’t have pre-printed contact info, have your new friend send a text to the 50500 with whatever name you specified under your account, and the contact info you prepared in advanced will be texted directly to their phone. Holy wow I love technology.

I have a feeling there will be a Part 2 to this post. Stay tuned 🙂