5 Ideas To Fight Twitter Writer’s Block

Twitter writer’s block? The cat gets it. But you’d be surprised how much social yet business relevant stuff you could tweet out right now. So don’t lay down on your keyboard hoping to conquer it. There are easier ways:

1. Ask A Question

I think it’s a strong possibility that your business joined in on the social media thing because you’re interested in learning more about your current and potential customers. So you probably already have a question ready to fire away at them! A restaurant may want to know what everyone’s favorite dish is when they come in. Or a local realtor might ask what neighborhood people would prefer if they were looking to purchase a new home. The key is to make sure your question is easy to answer so the likelihood of a response is higher. 3 part questions probably won’t fit into 140 characters or less anyway, so Keep It Simple, Stupid.

2. Broadcast your Blog Post

If you are blogging for your business and you aren’t tweeting about it, you are losing traffic. So hopefully this one is a no-brainer for you bloggers, but it’s an important one nonetheless. Always remember that Twitter has a higher tolerance for similar updates. So unlike Facebook, you should be tweeting about your blog post multiple times a day (and, depending on shelf life, a few more times the following days). It always helps when you change the tweet though, so you are not just saying the blog title every time. You might find you get more response from a quote in the post or phrasing a question the get’s answered by the post. Here are some examples of how I will probably tweet this blog post:

  • 5 Tweets You Can Tweet Right Now http://wp.me/p1kQAY-sz
  • Twitter writer’s block? I can help. http://wp.me/p1kQAY-sz
  • I think I know what your business should tweet. http://wp.me/p1kQAY-sz
  • Just because you’re a business doesn’t mean it’s harder to tweet: http://wp.me/p1kQAY-sz

See? Lots of ways to phrase your way to clicks. What’s that? You don’t know what to blog about? I think you can start with the responses you received from suggestion #1… the answers to your question should speak to you in the form of a blog post topic.

3. Retweet Someone

You know how good it feels when someone retweets you? Well, just imagine the relationships you can build when you do that for others! If you follow people who share relevant information to your industry, retweet their comment to your followers. This is great for three reasons:

  1. The original tweeter will love you for it and this is great for potential partnerships
  2. You are sharing great information with your followers, and
  3. You have something to tweet about!

4. Tell Me What’s New

Is there any exciting news coming from your business that might affect your customers? Social media is the new press release, so get broadcasting! However, if you do have a PR department that actually publishes extra-special, official press releases for your company, always remember to coordinate with them when you are going public with information. Social media has a tendency to spoil surprises. 🙂

5. Respond To Conversations About Your Brand

Have you checked search.twitter.com for tweets about your brand or even your industry? You might be missing out on great opportunities to join the conversation (or even defend yourself, when necessary). Think about the keywords that you might need to be searching for on a regular basis. You can also have running columns of up to 10 searches in Hootsuite (affiliate link) if you need a more organized dashboard for your daily tweeting.

Now rinse and repeat! All 5 of these topics can be redistributed throughout your tweeting day. No more writer’s block!

What’s your advice for making Twitter content easy for business? Comment below!

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