30 Social Media Sites You Should Use To Promote Your Business

Web 2.0 is the evolution of interaction, where anyone, anywhere can share their thoughts, opinions, questions or media with everyone else online. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are a range of social media sites where you can create an account and start connecting, however, if you are looking at promoting your business through social media, you’ll want to know what is out there – beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  1. 43 Things — You can publicize your company’s goals and ambitions to arouse the interest and the attention of customers and investors, who will also offer their support.
  2. Care2 — This is a community for people who care enough to make a difference so if your business is making an effort to go green for example, make sure your customers and contacts know.
  3. Cofoundr — This is a private social network for entrepreneurs, programmers, designers and investors who are involved in new ventures.
  4. Del.icio.us — You can use Del.icio.us to organise and share items you find interesting, where you can tag your business as a social bookmark.
  5. Digg — This is a popular online community because it is so easy to use and you can either submit content or browse categories such as technology, business, entertainment and sport.
  6. Ecademy — You can become a BlackStar member to enjoy exclusive benefits or you can simply connect to other business people through the online network, blog and message boards.
  7. Facebook — Facebook is more than just a place to share photos of the weekend, and by creating and managing a page for your business you can maintain contact with your clients, develop relationships and develop your products and services for your clients’ needs.
  8. Focus — This is where business professionals can help each other make purchasing and business decisions, accessing the experience and expertise of others, for free community information.
  9. Gather — This is the thinking man’s social network as you can browse categories such as books, health, money, news, politics, business and entertainment.
  10. JASEzone — Where you can connect to a community of potential clients and potential business partners.
  11. LinkedIn — LinkedIn allows you to link up with alumni, business associates and other professionals to share your experience and create a business networking medium online.
  12. Meet The Boss — This is a business networking tool for executives around the world to connect across industries.
  13. MEETin.org — You can use this social network to build a community of contacts and then organise events so you can meet face to face and do some old fashioned networking.
  14. NetParty — To attract your professionals to your business create an account and you’ll be connected to the most promising up and coming professionals where you can meet them for a drink or offer them a job.
  15. Networking for Professionals — This is an online community dedicated to organising special events in the real world, as well as allowing you to post photos, videos, résumés and a complete online profile.
  16. Newsvine — You can spotlight your top employees by uploading their articles, studies or other news related items. You’ll also have your own column to reach the community.
  17. Ning — If you’re not inspired by any of the existing social networks, create your own network for your business by bringing together your clients, vendors and customers on a confidential and secure site which you have designed yourself.
  18. PartnerUp — This site can help you find the expertise and resources you need to start and grow your business.
  19. Perfect Business — Where you can launch and grow your business using tools, resources and a network of other experienced entrepreneurs.
  20. Plaxo — If the list of social networks is getting overwhelming, use Plaxo to help you keep up with your feeds from Digg, Amazon, Del.icio.us and more.
  21. Reddit — This is where you can upload stories and articles to direct traffic to your website or blog. You can submit new content as often as you like, and the more you submit, the more traffic you can generate.
  22. Small Business Brief — You will find articles posted by other entrepreneurs, and you can view the photos and profile of other like minded business people.
  23. Sphinn — This is aimed at the internet marketing businesses and allows you to upload articles and guides from your blog to generate interest in your business, and connect with the community.
  24. Squidoo — You started your business because you found a niche, so use Squidoo to share your experience on your special subject by sharing industry secrets and answering questions from behind your customised profile.
  25. StumbleUpon — You can add the StumbleUpon toolbar to your internet browser and connect to a new community by channels surfing the web and being able to connect to others who have similar interests.
  26. Technorati — Register with Technorati to increase the readership of your blog. Technorati is a network of blogs and writers who list the top stories on the web.
  27. Twitter — This is a micro blogging site where you can post short updates about your business, links to articles and websites and to your own blog posts.
  28. WikiHow — To get your name out there as an industry expert create a how to guide or a tutorial for WikiHow.
  29. Xing — You can use a professional contact account manager to help you organise your friends and colleagues, or find experts and market yourself as an expert.
  30. YouTube — Use YouTube to give your customers an insight into your business whether it is a ‘day in the life’ video or a behind the scenes look at your last television commercial, people love to watch, plus they’ll rate and review you to generate more interest.