6 Reasons Why Writing A Blog Is Like Walking The Dog

I have got one high maintenance little pup.  For those of you who follow my vlogs, you know this already.  But there is one thing that no dog can go without, at least a few times daily.  And that is a nice, long walk.  Just like you care deeply for your pet and want it to be happy, prosperous, and a beneficial part of your life, the same goes for your blog.  In order for it to be happy, prosperous and beneficial, you need to take it around the block as many times as necessary.

1.  Come to terms with the fact that it has to be done… and frequently. Obviously, bad things happen if you don’t walk your pup.  They’ll never correctly potty train.  They’ll be all riled up and never leave you alone.  They might even start to chew on things that are not meant to be chewed on in frustration of not getting its needs fulfilled.  So you walk the dog, if not for a long stroll, at least for a quick pee.  Now even more obviously, your blog isn’t going to start gnawing on your coffee table, but it does have needs, too.  Your blog needs to put out content.  Your blog needs to have a change every once in awhile.  Your blog needs to market YOU — its trusty owner.  So make sure you are fulfilling those needs as often as necessary.  Everyone has a different schedule, and maybe yours is to post once a week.  If that’s your schedule, then do it.

2.  Decide on your destination before you get started. Has Fido been pent up all day while you were at work?  Or maybe he just ate a big dinner and needs to take care of some business.  Before you leave the house with your dog, you probably already have a goal in mind.  Or a “destination”, if you will.  “Fido really needs to exert some energy, so we are definitely going to the dog park.”  Or “alright come on, let’s go to your ‘spot.'”  You do what you gotta do to get to that destination and that’s that.  I read a lot of blogs and one thing that annoys me is when someone seems to have forgotten their destination.  You need to be able to boil your blog down to one sentence, otherwise it’s too broad of a topic for one post.  I would suggest that you type that one sentence into the title section so you can refer back and make sure you are driving home that one, single point.  You can always go back at the end and give your post a wittier name.  Witty is good.  People like witty.

3.  Get movin’ already! Okay so we’ve got our destination.  Now we just gotta get movin’!  Maybe we’ll walk.  Maybe we’ll skip.  Maybe we’ll have to run because the dog is pulling us along.  It doesn’t matter how you get there, just make sure you are doing what makes sense to get to your goal.  Bloggers remember: when you start the writing process, you need to have content that backs up the point and subpoints of your blog.  Nuf said.

4.  Wave to your neighbors! When you walk the dog, you are not just trying to get somewhere, but also making an appearance at the same time.  You want to be sure to acknowledge your neighbors while you walk so that they know you appreciate their company and friendship.  “Hey Sue!  Nice begonias you got there!”  How sweet.  Well bloggers should be just as sweet — if not sweeter — to their fellow bloggers.  Maybe one of the points of your post came from another blog you read recently.  Give them some link love!  And let your readers know that there are some other great writers out there, too.  It always pays off in the long run to give a little acknowledgment.  Plus, you’ll be known as the nice guy on the street.  And who doesn’t want that?

5.  Clean up the poop. Welp, Fido has reached his goal.  And now you have a mess to clean up.  But poop happens.  Everybody poops!  I’m still trying to convince my boyfriend of that… but I digress.  Do the responsible thing and clean up after yourself.  This will only contribute to a successful walk for you, as well as the next person who doesn’t have to step in the remnants of your path.  Bloggers, if you don’t know what your mess is, then you are clearly not cleaning it up.  PLEASE please please please please EDIT YOUR POSTS!  Maybe I’m a grammar freak.  Maybe I’m OCD.  But as one of your readers, I have the right to depend on you to undo the usual keyboard finger slip.  Seriously.  I will say that, unedited content is still content.  So even if you can’t understand the difference between there, they’re and their, at least you’re posting.  But if you’re not a good editor, get a friend.  I know there’s gotta be one around you somewhere.  They can do a run-through and maybe pick up mistakes that you couldn’t find yourself.  It’s perfectly acceptable, so at least try.

6.  Bring it on home! Time to turn around and head back to the ol’ den.  You’ve reached your destination, shown some acknowledgment and tidied up.  It’s time to wrap up this walk and move on to the next episode.  Bloggers, follow suit.  Conclude your entry with a quick reminder what your reader should have gotten from this post and you’re done… until it’s time for your next walk around the block.

Hopefully this was insightful and entertaining for those bloggers who are already dog lovers/owners.  And if you’re a blogger without a dependent pet, maybe I just taught you how to walk a dog.  Either way, I think we were successful here.

Can you think of another fun similarity?  Leave a comment below!


This blog was previously published on Schmittastic.com