Are you there, Consumer? It’s me Small Business.

In this day of age, businesses are jumping in with both feet when it comes to their social media presence.  They hope for the best as they set up a Facebook fan page with a nice profile picture, follow all the relevant profiles on Twitter, and link to their brand-spankin’ new blog numerous times throughout these new venues.

But Alas!  No comments.  No likes.  Not even a RT. You can actually hear mosquitos chirping through the computer speakers.

So when do I see all this “engagement” people are telling me about??

It breaks my heart to have to tell you this, Lil Biz, but you haven’t given people any reason to care about your existence.  You’re now your consumer’s online peer and you’ve done nothing to gain their trust providing them with anything of value.

Oh, your product is valuable?  Pishah! Just because you’re sure what you have is what people need, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easily accepted.  You can’t try to tell peopl what they need to hear, before you tell them what they want to know.

With that said, here are a few tips of how you can grab the attention of your future customers in this whirlwind adventure called social media marketing:

1. Summon your inner copywriter

Headlines!  Headlines!  Headlines!  If you can’t attract someone’s attentions in 140 characters or less, you will lose out tremendously on traffic from our extremely A.D.D. society.  If I could give you my best advice for improving on this skill, it would be to make sure your headline defines the article to those who haven’t read it yet. A lot of the time, people will get creative with a title after they have written their post, but it makes NO sense to those who didn’t write it.  You have to make sure the title defines your post and will grab the attention of someone just scrolling through the craziness of Twitter or looking for the best dirt on their Facebook newsfeed.  Unconciously thinking backwards is a great way to lose readers.

2. Show some personality with multimedia

Studies have shown OVER AND OVER that pictures and video get the most attention on Facebook.  If you can break out the cell phone and snag some behind-the-scenes action, you’re not only more likely to be seen and engaged with but you are emphasizing the “personal” in personality.  Making that kind of connection with a brand is a very special thing for consumers.  And that’s also why social media is NOT a fad.

3. Tweet with people in your area!

Whether it’s in your geographical area or your expertise, you should be constantly searching for people that are within your reach as a new customer.  Maybe you are looking for tweeters who are disappointed in your competitors.  Or you are searching for people around town who are searching for your product.  Have you thought about just having a normal conversation with people in your business’ target zip code?  All of these suggestions are ways for you to engage without closing too fast. I like when searching live information and TweetFind for finding specific qualities in people.

4. Share. Share. Share.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times.  You need to be sharing more than just your own content for multiple reasons.  A) You could build partnerships with those people whose stuff you share and B) You will have even more good and useful content to distribute to your audience. If you can’t already see the benefits of this, check out my sharing post for more.

Have another suggestion?  How have you been getting your customers’ attention?