7 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Fan Page RIGHT NOW

Face it.  Your fan page sucks.  I know it.  You know it.  Now it’s time to do something about it.  First thing’s first:


I understand the dire need to make your fan page count grow, but doesn’t it make more sense to reach out to the people that might actually end up paying for your product?  How are you going to show off your skills and grow your biz if your entire fan base is made up of best friends and relatives?

“But, Aaaaaaamyyyyyyy!  My Mom really LOVES my marketing abilities/graphic design work/crocheted accessories!!”

Well I effing hope your Mom likes what you do!  In the meantime while she is just LUUUUUUVing your work, you should be out looking for real prospects.  So here are the 7 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Use your profile pic to show me what you’re workin’ with!

Did you know you have 200 x 600 pixels available for your profile pic?  And don’t you think this is one of the first things people look at when they come to your page?  Well then I think it just might be time to make better use of that space!  Aside from your logo, you should also have contact information and a call-to-action in your profile picture.  Contact info should be easily viewable for obvious reasons – we wouldn’t want your potential clients to not be able to find you, right?  A call-to-action is important because you want your visitors to get engaged with your page immediately.  Ask a question and prompt your new fans to answer it on your wall.  Get them comfortable with chatting it up in your community so that they will come back for more… And hopefully bring their super cool friends.

No designer on hand to give you the profile pic of your dreams?  Check with someone over at Fiverr.  You can pay $5 and get a work of art… and a lot of other intersting stuff.

2. Show your peeps some love!

I know you’re worried about getting more “likes”.   I get it. We all want our little numbers to become big numbers.  But how are you going to interest anyone to join in on the fun if you aren’t giving your current groupies the time of day?  Start a discussion with a status update.  Answer a question posed by one of your fans.  Post a video saying THANK YOU for the support and then give them something of value!  Your actions will lead to more people hearing about you and in turn, expressing genuine interest.  A little recognition goes a long way.

3. Your fans know where your audience is. So ask them!

Stop trying to rack your brain about how to find more fans.  If you already have fans that are down with you and your brand (this may or may not include your mom), then why don’t you just ask them?   After you’ve started engaging with your fans and showed your appreciation for those who have already joined your community, find out if they know people that might want to join in on the conversation.  They probably do.

4. Your info is cool, but others’ may be good for your fans too

I hate when companies on Facebook and Twitter only share their own content.   It’s cool that they have content to share, but there is also a lot of other stuff out there that your fans will appreciate knowing about – especially if you lead them to it.  So have your fan page follow some other relevant pages and then share their (GREAT) content on your page.  This will show your community what other trusted sources you suggest and you will probably grow a good relationship with those pages for sharing their content… And good relationships result is returning favors 😉

5. Your fans are waiting for you to make them your biggest advocates

There has to be a sexy side to your business, right?  Something that might actually get the attention of your peeps?  You’re a life coach who wants to hear about when your fans came out on top from a difficult time in their lives.  Maybe you sell luggage but you get your community sharing photos of their most fabulous vacations.  Or you design invitations, so you get a conversation started about your fans’ dream wedding day.  You get the picture.  Now take those moments, experiences and dreams that your AWESOME fans are sharing on your page and pick a few that you want to receive some special attention.  Featuring those people in a blog post, video, feature page on your website, or any other special spot you can think of will make them a fan for LIFE!  Can you imagine if someone did that for you if all you did was participate in a discussion on their Facebook page?  You would be telling everyone about how great they made you feel and suggest them to anyone that would listen!  Have your fans say the same thing about you and suddenly you won’t feel those urges to spam your Mom.

6. From your Blog to your Facebook, take the shortcut to promotion. Use Networked Blogs.

I just love this Facebook App and I really don’t like Facebook apps.  Networked Blogs links your fan page to your blog so that whenever you publish a new post, it will automatically get promoted on your Facebook page.   This is always helpful for me because I don’t ever have to worry about my Facebook audience missing any of my content.  As soon as I post it on WordPress, it is communicated to Networked Blogs and posted to Savvy Sexy Social’s facebook page.  Man, I love things that make publishing easy!

7. You tell me!!

I want you lovely Facebookers to tell me what the 7th tactic should be for improving a Facebook Fan page right now! Maybe you just learned something recently that helped engage your fans more or increase the likelihood of being shared. We wanna know!  So leave a comment on this blog with your suggestion and I will update the post when I choose the best tip!