Why It Pays To Be A Twitter Chatterbox

For anyone who is still trying to figure out if they need to tweet or not, this post is for you. Scott Stratten of UnMarketing was just like a lot of people when he signed up for Twitter: a non-believer. But if you read his blog 50,000 Tweets and All I Got Was Everything, you’ll see how he changed his ways to find the social network’s full business potential and how it led him to become one of the top influencers on Twitter.

Social Takeaway: The Tweet Graph. The first time I saw this graph was in Scott’s opening keynote speech at BlogWorld 2010 (by far, the best part of the conference BTW). The graph reminds me of the saying “actions speak louder than words” because once he actually dedicated himself to the SOCIAL side of online marketing he saw real results for his business. Twitter isn’t for every business, but this article speaks to how dedication will work no matter the venue.

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Scott Stratten is @unmarketing on Twitter