What the “cool” people won’t tell you… but Peter Shankman will

I was so excited to see this post because as you all know, I am all about helping other entreprenewbies like myself.  And Peter Shankman‘s Advice for Business Newbies They Never Give You has some really great tips for the new in biz that I certainly never would have thought to ask about, and maybe a few that you didn’t either.  To make it even better, the list is constantly updated in the comments section as Peter encourages his readers to suggest their own business secrets!  Hello, cool club!!  I want in.

Sexy Takeaway: I love his tip to be open for advice from whoever will offer it, but think carefully about what to actually perform. Aside from the possibility that the person doesn’t have your best interest in mind, it is also possible that their advice is great and just doesn’t fit your situation.

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