Under30CEO Tells An Entreprenewbie’s #1 Mistake

As entreprenewbies, we are here to support and help each other be successful and prosper in our business objectives.  The reason why I am sharing this article from Under 30 CEO is because sometimes the hard truth is that there might be holes in our ideas or missing links in our business plans that make another entrepreneur, finance professional, or mentor’s opinion very important.  It’s crucial to believe in oneself so that we can get through the difficult beginnings of a business venture, but that doesn’t mean shrugging off any negative feedback that comes your way.

Savvy Takeaway: I love that this article gives you specific questions to ask those folks that challenge you.  Asking the right questions of someone who is offering their opinion will either get you to open your eyes to things you need to think about for your future, or give yourself an opportunity to further explain your business and fill in some missing information for Mr. or Miss Pessimist.

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