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Ready to go after the life you want?

My name is Amy and I'm here to help.

I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, creator, author and time-optimization junkie, devoted to helping you discover your passion and achieve your goals.

About Amy

“You could do things their way and meet expectations. Or you can do things your way and far exceed them.”

–Amy Landino

Ready to take simple steps toward living your best life?

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International Keynote Speaker:

I live to motivate. One of my greatest pleasures in life is sharing my story with an ambitious audience, ready to take on the world. If your community is ready for actionable tips and strategies for taking their life and work to the next level, let’s make it happen together.

Best Selling Author:

From big brands to individuals, everyone can benefit from awareness of authority through building a personal brand. Grab your copy of Vlog Like a Boss for a practical guide to get started with increasing your visibility now.


Tune into Amy’s weekly show about going after the life you want, featuring small steps you can do everyday that make a big difference.

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